Edit: Make sure you have Install from Unknown Sources enabled, this is needed to install .apk files outside the Play store.

Calling all Android phone owners. You can now download my new game codenamed REASON from http://gravityapple.com/games/Reason.apk for this week only. It’s a very initial release and is FAR from complete, but i’d like to get some feedback on the core controls, visual art style, bugs etc.


  • Tap and drag to move / target an enemy
  • Tap to select, this opens up the skill menu
  • Tap the (very hastily drawn) skill icon to increase your hit speed temporarily


  • Kill all those pesky Waki warriors
  • After you’re done, please post your feedback here!

So please play, retweet/reblog and follow me if you want to stay up to date with the games progress.